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E.A.T. Tampere - Bicycle and walking tours in Tampere or rent a bike and be your own guide

Pyhäjärvi boattrip

The moon or the stars? We can´t promise you the moon in the heavens, but a magical atmosphere is guaranteed. Stars can also be seen onboard and in the skies above. In addition to the two main harbour towns in Tampere and Hämeenlinna, you can explore such sights as the Lepaa vineyard, the old church of Hattula, the Visavuori artist museum or the Lempäälä museum road along the way. You can come aboard at any stop.


Näsijärvi boattrip

The name, Poet’s Way, is inspired by a journey made by Finnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Finnish writer Zacharias Topelius a hundred years ago. It is time for celebration!

Poet’s Way cruises sail across the lake Näsijärvi through Murole Canal to Ruovesi and on to Virrat. There are many sights along the way including Kalela, Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s wilderness home and studio in Ruovesi.

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