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Juhannus - midsummer celebration

Midsummer is celebrated each year between the 20th and 26th of June, at the lightest point of the year. It is the biggest summer celebration in Finland, and signals the start of "the real summer". It is a celebration of light, summer and a "night less" night. The name "Juhannus", as the Midsummer is called in Finnish, originates from John the Baptist ("Johannes" in Finnish), who's commemoration-, and birthday is celebrated in Midsummer. Midsummer is also a Finnish Flag Day. The Flags are raised at 18.00 on Midsummer Eve and lowered at 21.00 on Midsummer evening.

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Tampere Illuminations

Tampere brightens up winter's darkest three months with 33,000 bulbs and a kilometre of light cable arranged into patterns. This tradition goes back more then 40 years and is loved amongst the Tampere inhabitants.

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